Visions of Gideon

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Visions of Gideon · Sufjan Stevens

Call Me by Your Name (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

℗ 2017 Sufjan Stevens

Released on: 2017-11-03

Music Publisher: Sufjan Stevens Music

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Ronnie says:

The movie's been alive long enough that I'm not instantly crippled with depression upon hearing this song, thinking of CMBYN. Instead, it's the prospect that I'll never have anything as epic or as real or as intimate with anyone as what Elio had with Oliver. That no one will ever love me and that I will most likely die alone and bitter.

Saddogbeats says:

This movie has my heart

soph m says:

makes me cry every time

Richard Thomas says:

this is such a HAUNTING song that touches deep within my being

AJ Jackson says:

I was the 10, 000th like!!!!

lac24 says:

This song is so beautiful, along with the movie of course. I can't stop watching it.

Donna Epperson says:

When this song comes on, I just think of Elio crying… but then my mind shifts to his wonderful father and those amazing words he spoke to him. It all breaks my heart, but goodness this movie and this music is perfection.

Albert Blue says:


Ari Estrada says:

this scene makes me know what it feels like to have a broken heart. I've never been a relationship but this song gives me rhe deepest depression each time

Nicoli Xavier says:

Throw those damn onions away, God dammit!!!

Irrelevant Content says:

Am I the only one that listens “visions of Elio?” Literally crying

Shaunie Duncan says:

Towards the end it starts to sound like “Is it of Elio?”

scottkoto says:

This song kills me everytime

Tina Nguyen says:

Here's what I think is beautiful about this, it doesn't even matter if they were gay or not. The name Vision Of Gideon tells us a lot too, (correct me if I'm wrong) Gideon was a man who worshipped God, he received visions from God asking him to lead his conquest in Israel. Gideon didn't believe this visions so God came down personally to be with Gideon during the battles to reassure Gideon that this was real and the visions were real. After the battles succeeded, God never appeared again.
So Elio and Oliver loved fiercely but it was fleeting, and just like God, Oliver left. So this song was Elios asking Oliver, were you real and was this love real? We don't know know if Oliver or Elios were gay or not, but it didn't matter. They loved a love that was like never before but just because you loved one another didn't mean it was meant to be. That's the true beauty of this movie.

Diamond Styles says:

the look at the end hit me hard, the movie definitely wouldn’t be the same without this song

Mrs. Kathleen Antuna says:

Perfect song.Twin flame love.

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