Warhammer Online : Age Of Reckoning Gameplay Movie 18

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Another gameplay video. Thanks to Gamespot for the video


UndercoverCracker says:

I wanted to like AoC but it is kind of meh.

UndercoverCracker says:

AoC's commbat is cool and Wow's is kind of annoying to me with the constant running in circles. WAR will be the best by fay because you have the awesome pvp with some cool combat. It is the best of all worlds.

Lord Siriuz says:

i want a intensive game, AoC isnt like that, you mostly press alot of buttons and stand still, in wow its more action, moving around quicker and i do not get bothered by the "cartoon" look in WAR/WoW, since in AoC it can make many computers to get low fps, very distubing, + the zones with loading time is not that fun in AoC.

elkoeda says:

Yeh, at this point of making the game. Who cares about graphic at this state of productions.

They are only fixing glicthes, bugs, and the gameplay it self. Like all other beta are used for. To see feed back, to balance game, and make it better.

The finihsing touches with graphics will come at the late productions stage, when they have fixed all bugs and glitches. So they don't have to run stupid minior updates afterwards *cough* wow *cough*

elkoeda says:

Well i think it's too bad they launch the game without being real done yet. but AoC will and is a great game for sure, but i must admit, it's not for me ;D.

(Heard about they just came out with a patch to size-down character's boobs ;0 )

Lord Siriuz says:

I bought AoC but i will also buy WAR since WAR reminds you a little more of the great things in WoW while AoC is great but still it has its downs.

LordEsel88 says:

You are right, they don't compare. However, I will get WAR because I think it will be a fun MMO based on all the research I've done about WAR. I'm sure AoC is great, but I will get WAR instead.

AnonymousViewer1 says:

I've played almost all of the big-name MMOs out there – Dark Age of Camelot, Everquest, Planetside, Star Wars: Galaxies, World of Warcraft. I plan on dropping all of them and never looking back when Warhammer Online is released this fall.

Daemonik6 says:

go to the warhammer online site, then to harold on the top then pauls video blog then check out the video of the orc in game, the graphics in game on that is how they intend for it to be, and stop judging on the beta test cause they give no effort to make it look pretty when they are testing for other things not involving graphics.

Fexxe says:

okay .. shut up. This footage is old, and you are ignorant.

alleon76 says:

okay .. this looks exactly like WOW

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