What Happened To EverQuest Next?

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EverQuest Next was set to be the largest sandbox MMORPG ever created… so what went wrong?

Welcome to my series “What Happened To..?”, where we’ll take a look at some of the most anticipated sandbox games that either never made release or just couldn’t live up to the hype!

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brent847 says:

in short  it was vapor wear  all hype and no  substance.

John Green says:

i believe it. it was likely not so fun. I wonder what value a building is that takes effort to build and is easily destroyed by other players.

CP3oh says:

It sounds like they were completely missing the point of what people enjoyed about the original Everquest. So much of the fun was meeting people, leveling up, getting stronger and having the world and all of it's mysteries slowly unlock for you. I can't imagine trying to craft a compelling in-game story and quest structure while also accommodating the fact that the game world itself is constantly changing because of player input.

Better I think to create a system for GM's or developers to drive dynamic events, both large and small, to add flavor to the game play when people log on. Asheron's Call did this really well.

SatineMoisant says:

Now I know why. I was a landscape architect and interior designer in Second Life. I loved the building tools in SL and had a massive inventory. My business partner and I had a successful castle building sales lot and romantic sim. The novelty wore off SL and I moved to EQ2 in 2015. I enjoy the RP and adventure portions of EQ2 over SL immensely. However, EQ2's building tools are very rudimentary and qualitative. SL's building tools looked like AutoCad lite to me. EQN would have been perfect. Adventure combined with excellent building tools. I'm sad as I was really looking forward to all of that, including destruction. 🙁 .

Kapitan Amerika says:

It was the best MMO ever I played …. sad(((

Kevin ROCK says:

it just wasn't EQ is whas a weard WOW and modern ugly graphics.

Doomtrigger says:

they lied about the game and they couldn't get it done and sony got fed up with there bullshit and sold them

King Cam says:

I wanted to play this it would be so cool

The Doctor says:

Is this Minecraft?

gmail team says:

Blizzard payed the devs to sabotage it

Brian Aguilar says:

How does a company lose the EQ IP? Layoff all of their best developers and get rid of Dave that's how! Daybreak Games you suck!

Kozakura Mizusawa [Diclonius] says:

eq next didnt even feel like a eq game. stick with 2

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