What was it Like Playing RuneScape in 2004?

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What was it Like Playing RuneScape in 2004?
Blast from the past, let’s head back in time. The year is 2004 and we are taking a look to see what it was like back then. The game was vastly different but surprisingly, it’s still the same game.

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Dartht33bagger says:

I really miss old Falador. I hated the change to white the day it came out. Same with the old lesser demon and giant models.

J Veld says:

I remember every bit of this, I was so addicted to the 2004 version. I love how simple it all looked (look at the Hill Giants, Moss Giants, Fire Giants and Hellhounds). And indeed, there was no YouTube (and Grand Exchange) back then, so all I did to get some money was mining coal in de mining guild. I do miss those times, but I am happy to say that I am addicted again, thanks to the Mobile release.

Thanks for the video, it brought back some memories!

Edzter says:

THESE were THE days

Auris LA stabdis says:

remember being offered santa hat for 150k~ bought one for the looks but still tho i wasted money. Sold it few years later for 21m

Stan Brule says:

Ha I remember when imps were just little guys in costumes, good times

Arborpress says:

"where is varrock?" God I haven't seen that typed in over 10 years. He definitely hit the nail on the head with this video. 2004-2007 was the golden age. No one knew what they were doing, lots of lost noobs around the land, people getting killed by the highway man, members were elite players f2p kids would ask for free shit from. None of us then knew how great the time was we were in until the final nail in coffin happened from Evolution of Combat update.

Tomo CFC says:

rest in peace the old nite! my most memorable moment is when lillyuffie gave me a rune full helm trimmed or when i had just started and was walking to varrock getting lost and some random guy trades me and gives me full black armour and 4k cash!

Trevor Barksdale & Mitch Mosley says:

Started playing in early 2006. Completely miss the old interface. I bet Runescape would have way many more players now if they found servers from 2004-2006. Man, I miss those times.

cloneskiller says:

im just glad i got to speak to zezima himself. Had a good time talking about some questing he done before there were quest guides.

Moms Car says:

Holy crap. So damn nostalgic. 2004 was lit. I remember faking being sick just to play when my parents left to work lol.

Izzy McLeod says:

I stopped playing before the GE came, and was so surprised coming back with so much better armour etc, like I remember when dragon was the ultimate and was so expensive. I had to work hard for rune, it doesn't look excessively different but there's a lot more to it

X. Y. says:

Buying gf no traps pls

ricard modo says:

magic short bow was OP for doing its special twice in a row, meanwhile dragon dagger STILL can do its attack 4 times in a row which does 2 attacks each

Doubt says:

I wish we could have old varrock back. 🙁

Wurmo says:

Money$ was harder to make. Earning 1m gp was a major accomplishment. Having 10m+ gp and you were a god. I remember clan pking was much different. People were so disorganized since there wasn't a lot of people using voice chat programs. A fight could start at the greater demons and completely split all over the place and then everyone would bank their kills when they pked any type of rune. 😀

woekietoekie says:

i wasnt ready man, the feels

Ceel Win says:

Having to go to RuneHQ for the world map..

Mushmare says:

take a look at this bush :3

Fort2312 HYPE ZONE says:

I miss this

CMDR John Crichton says:

When I had just started in 2005, a random player gave me a mithril chainbody for no apparent reason.
I still own that chainbody.

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