What’s New? Final Fantasy IX PS4 Gameplay and Features!

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Just a quick video to show you all what you get when you buy Final Fantasy 9 on the PSN store. I will do a full walkthrough of Final Fantasy 9 but not until I finish Final Fantasy X. I can’t do both at the same time but I may post a few videos from time to time.

What is Final Fantasy 9?
Final Fantasy IX is a role-playing video game developed and published by Square for the PlayStation video game console. Originally released in 2000, it is the ninth title in the Final Fantasy series and last to debut on the original PlayStation console. In 2010, it was re-released as a PSone Classics title on the PlayStation Network. The game introduced new features to the series like the Active Time Event, Mognet, and a unique equipment and skill system.

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Daniel Kreiss says:

This was the Final Fantasy I never got to beat. I had PCS to Korea and my PSone died on me during the move, time to finish it.

Noctis Kami says:

chrono cross had the fast forward thing first

You hustlin' me boy? says:

Can you change languages for this game? I want to play on German

Martin Setiabudi says:

So it can be played on ps4? Buy from ps4 store?

Bmaj01 says:

Your amazing!! Just subscribed!!

Asadian Belifont says:

Do cheats deactivate trophies? It's stupid to allow trophies for cheats, it basically makes the trophies pointless.

Justuas says:

Nothing new… already on Steam

j5689 says:

Happy to see this exists. I bought the PC port and not surprisingly the M+KB controls for an old game like this are awful. Plus if I recall, it lacks XBox controller integration so there's no way to make up for it. I'd never played it but I watched somebody play it a long time ago and I've really been wanting to.

Israel Molina says:

Guys, does the multiplayer feature remain as in the Ps1 version?

Ashkima Hayato says:

You forgot to steal the Mage Masher

Marty V says:

heya i just found your channel today and i'm wondering, do you also play xiv? I like how you make your vids. very well done!

brad Berryman says:

I just got this game and I love it

Zen Starwalker says:

shame on you SE. you dare re-release a non remade game and charge that much for it? wtf happened to you?

Bullythebull ! says:

wow vivi avatar 😀

Matthias Forelli says:

And fucks the cheats.

Kenny-Jay Cramblit says:

It has a bug where the background music restarts after every battle, so basically every 5 seconds. it has only 8 direction controls from the iOS version, instead of Omni-directional like the original so the control is really clunky and makes chocobo hot n cold almost unplayable. Also, the battle UI from the iOS version covers like half the screen. It's a deal breaker. These need to be patched.

Hiey Nino says:

win one new subscribe congratz perfect game

Immortal ­Hunter says:

I remember when it came on 4 CD's on PS1. This game pure masterpiece.

JoobZ ify says:

The avatars and theme only come with the bundle edition. You can buy the game without that stuff

Ian Carlson says:

Of course it uses the mobile port. sigh I really hate that menu system.

Steve J says:

Anyone rememebr trying to steal the fairy flute from the troll?!!!! I thought it genuinely couldnt be done until one day I sat for hours and would not give up. Got it… pointless.

Steve J says:

I was excited but unfortunately I have genuine OCD when it comes to trophies. I check trophy lists before I buy games and I wont be buying this. I expected an Ozma battle, even excal2, but there is no way I will be able to get Hail To The King (Jump Rope). It pisses me off as I just got my Platinum for FF12 and currently working on FF15 and World of FF with just a few to go but this is just a blatant no from me. I am beginning to hate Square Enix which is a shame. More I here about FF7 remake, less I am bothered about it which is shockin as I should be hyped.

ant_Knee says:

I'll guess I'll just stick with my ol' black label, PS1 jaggies and all.
Off topic, but where you from? You sound like me in the sense that there's definitely a regional accent going on, but due to watching and being exposed to so much American English/media, ours aren't as thick as our parents and especially grandparents haha

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