Why Men Need Visions & Dreams | Dr. Myles Munroe

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Dr. Myles Munroe gives detail reason why everyone, but men especially, need visions and dreams. Men are the foundation of the family and the home so it is imperative the he lays the foundation and direction for the family as a whole.


Jeremiah Palmer says:

I needed this ..

timothy musyoka says:

A clear sign for being Holy Spirit indwelt is a life defined by either a dream or a vision… A VISION BEING FULFILLED IN YOUR LIFETIME WHILE A DREAM BEING A FOUNDATION VISION FOR YOUR OFFSPRINGS AFTER YOU ARE GONE….. HELP ME OH LORD

Nene Oribamise says:

Thank God for this message

David Quansah says:

The message is so uplifting, please limit the number of adds you run in your videos it is very distracting sometimes, thanks God bless !

Shameer Khan says:

Ish does not mean spirit

Andre Stewart says:

was shown what I've been missing…..POWERFUL !!!

Pierre Jetro says:

He was really a man of God.

TheZAR Bank says:

This Generation lost a great man

Ogbonna says:

Myles Monroe’s messages changed my life!

Olatunde Olademehin says:

Thanking God always for the gift of Dr. Myles Munroe, a teacher like no other.

c roll says:

Saw this years ago. Don't know how anyone could have given this video a thumbs down. I've experienced a whole lot of preachers and this man is in the top 3.

Cory Clay says:

Great word!

rodehs688 says:

Flat footed preaching… smh this man is preaching!!! God be praised!!!

Cynthia Oduro says:

God Richly Bless You Pastor for this Powerful Word

Prince Sho says:

20 mins into listening, I started again from the beginning to take vital notes. I did not know any of this. Thank you Dr Munroe for your life because you are still here ministering to me even though you are with our Father in heaven. Your teaching has helped me shape my life and this particular one has already transformed my thoughts and ultimately transformed my life. God bless you for posting this life changing message, whoever you are. Thank you

Gilbert Cardenas says:

I’m so glad this man fulfilled his purpose on earth. Every man should hear this. RIP Myles Munroe. I hope to see you there brother!

Chichi Chichi says:

Why so many adverts?

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