Why You Should Play Neverwinter In 2019

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Is Neverwinter worth playing in 2019? – I think it is.. duh ☺

● Payment Model 1:30
● Leveling + Progression 3:44
● Character Customization 6:22
● Combat 8:28
● Population + Updates 10:25
● End Game 12:27
● Opinion 14:03

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Nova says:

Do you think Neverwinter is worth playing in 2019?
Hell, we all know I DO think it is! ☺

Doctor Volcom says:

You are the biggest hypocrite and joke of Neverwinter. You make this video telling people to play the game and sucking Cryptic Cock this whole video but now you are making videos saying you are done with Neverwinter lmfao you are a joke dude, no wonder everyone made fun of you in the community.

smoking one says:

I've enjoyed this game since i discovered it in 2016, and nova we met on the preview server doing the bugged to hell lair of the mad mage.
Up until mod 16 this was a great game. they destroyed the value of everything we worked for for years and even removed the fundamentals we had made our builds on, in one swoop you suddenly needed to spend an exorbiant amount of in game currency or $ to be effective again because all your enchantments you'd ranked up had changed and did not suit your class any longer, their "scaling" has broken a good number of the available group dungeons and some are so unplayable they removed them yesterday. It's not worth playing now, p2w Chinese trash

stefan says:

Bitch this game is downloading

Ivana Motionless says:

I've had all the best to say about Neverwinter(played it for 5 years) until the latest mod. It's not worth it for new players because some of the best things you could experience in game have been taken away.

gerald gagnon says:

I haven't played for a few years and I'm trying to get back into it, however, I dont have any friends currently to help me along to get re-acclimated. Can anyone help me? Any advice would be much appeciated

jigga jaw says:

You know what drags these games down the most? The constant fireworks display going off on the screen. There's no realism. That should be reserved for when something really cool happens. Even the health bars are just always in the way. Hard to get immersed when it looks like the inside of a Casino. But that's how all these games are. The devs wouldn't know realistic if it whip kicked em in their ugly heads.

Doggybag Nielsen says:

Use to love this game BIG time, and been playing from BETA. But not anymore – It´s so Damn bugged, the chars has been screwed big time, and the new crafting system gives no meaning at all.

Some annoying bugs:
Rubberband move (your trying to move forward but being dragged backward immediately)
Movement doesn´t work (my 18.5k char can´t run fast anyomore. I did complain 1 year ago, but nothing happend)
Sudden death. (Yes – you can die without fighting )
Buffs are not being executed.
Getting stucked in fights (so you lose the bossfight etc.)
Die when jumping from platform to platform without being hit by anything
Catapulting into the air without any reason.
Falling through the floors in dugeouns.

Feel free to add bugs you know of XD

Fawaz Mirza says:

i haven't seen or heard someone explains any game like the way you did… the amount of details that was said it really means you have played for thousands of hours…… after this video ended i went and started downloading the game… thank you

Slash says:

the truth is that developers are destroying the game more and more with every additional mod.

But hey it looks good… Plays something else!

Terry Hayter says:

Thank you for coming back give us a build for cw mod 16. @devilsstorm_woop hit me up in game 6 central. I got nickflow as a friend and we still talk about the game.

Lucas Campbell says:

If this is based on DnD then where is multi classing

brad bradley says:

Stop telling people to play dogshit mmo's.

Michael Manke says:

I'm not even playing and o think so.

Michael Manke says:

How much internet does it cost to play Neverwinter

Wow Its Me I Believe says:

You know who it is, and you know who bout to play ;3

Jonathan Blackbow says:

tldr version:

if you've never played neverwinter before, you'll probably like it. A lot.

those of us that have been playing for years are mostly quitting.

have fun.

yosi1653 says:

Not worth playing, saved you some time

Christopher Rivera says:

i quit playing the game because of some changes that shouldn't change at all and far i know neverwinter is going down hill. I have played neverwinter since the beginning and now it trash.

Kyrkby says:

You forgot to mention the Foundry, which allowed players to create their own missions and scenarios. It was absolutely awesome and one of the reasons I came back to the game every now and then, just to see what players had created.

And of course, yesterday they announced they were going to retire it. Thanks, Cryptic.

line 98 says:

Was worth playing, then mod 16 hit. Basically they stripped everything out of the game. No synergy, interactions, group buffs, etc. They literally changed every ability in the game from "does x damage and does these neat things" to "Costs y, does X damage"

Lukas nox says:

in it right now its a bit fun.

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