Wildstar | First Impressions | Is It Worth Playing | Gameplay & Review | HD 60FPS

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Wildstar released June 3, 2014 and went f2p September 29, 2015. We gave this game some playtime recently and were pleasantly surprised!


Annoying Llama says:

Been too long

LilStubbsTV says:

Loved the game when it came out and it was a shame there was 0 end game content and the PvP was amazing until people found out about MMR drop so warriors would dropp MMR with elite gear and people would pay for boosts and it killed the scene. Other than that I had 0 issue with this game it was all end game content itleast at the time that destroyed it. I play WoW again but if this game made a resurgence or one similar to its combat I would be playing it 100%. Loved the video great review.

Rick Diculous says:

Nothin wild about the game. #MILDSTAR

scott nash says:

look a bit like wow and overwatch mixed HAHAHA imma give it a try

Coral P says:

Started playing it today. Honestly I have to say Im very very impressed with the cartoon graphics, smooth flow of movements, NPC characteristics etc! Im only level 5 but have seen a handful of players starting fresh and amongst the small camps its not completely dead at all I was very sad at the thought that questing through would be lonely but have actually seen quite a few peeps around! My game doesnt lag at all either, running on a pretty good gaming computer with a 980ti GPU with 50+ FPS settings at high or more.
I've played considerable amounts of time in the following games and loved them all so it goes to show what types I play and if this impresses me then it may impress you too if you have played these also (not all are the same type of game just showing what games impress me):
World of Warcraft
Age of Conan
Guild Wars II
Farming Simulator 2016
Elder Scrolls Online
Ark Survival (2000hrs)
Conan Exiles Online
The Isle

Mark Springstead says:

Those ability icons look so much like WoW. Neat. 😉

Chris L. says:

I absolutely love this game, but I run a amd cpu, gpu and couldn’t ever get over 20fps no matter what threads I injected into the game as well as the settings. I gave a long hard fight to try and optimize it but eventually just gave up because I believe it only really runs on Intel cpu’s. I have a Alienware i7 inc this week and this is my first game to download.

Doses for days says:

This game is great! I remember buying it when it originally released. The game was so polished on release and I can’t imagine it got worse. I think the issue was just purely bad timing. 2014 had some big multiplayer releases like destiny and hearthstone that overshadowed wildstars exposure. Thank you for the video I will definitely be downloading the game again because of this. I’ll share this as much as I can.

Coblestone says:

I feel like Wildstar is a great game that had a poor launch due to the original "pay for the game and monthly subscription" approach and never got as many people to try it out as the game deserves. The thing that got me and my friend to stop playing last time we played it was mainly that it felt empty (of player).
Great video, like the way you presented it, now going to check your Warframe review 🙂

David Moriarity says:

I hope you guys continue to play and enjoy it. The more you play this game the more you will love it. Housing is amazing but you have to be level 14+. The end game content is better because most people are max level. As with all MMOs, it is better with others. So welcome to nexus ☺

David Moriarity says:

Thanks for the review!

Catherine Shea says:

1st just wanted to say that your reviews are well done and IMHO your channel is one of the best for reviews. Listening to a 16 yr old cuss every 5 seconds isn't appealing to me.
Thanks for introducing me to Archeage! I'm really enjoying it. I've heard of Wilstar but never downloaded it. That will change tonight. Excited to check it out. It looks beautiful!

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