WildStar | World Bosses in Arcterra | impressions 15 hours at 50 | gameplay 2016

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Auction house is really busy. Crafted items all over auction house and new zone is awesome to gear up quickly. Farmed over 25 plat from 1 ~ 50 and FULL level 80 gear in less than 15 hours!

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Tomtenisse Powercool says:

I would probably play this if it was more casual friendly. Cause i'm quite casual.

Akasaurus Rex says:

Its so awesome to see a POSITIVE Wildstar vid thanks man! My main is levelling so slowly at 33 now, I don't got the cash to buy flasks and looking forward to Arcterra. So many give Wildstar such harsh reviews and it really doesn't deserve THAT much abuse ;p

Sandy Nicole Miller says:

Keeping enjoying the game, Wocky!

Tostitos78 says:

Awesome video! Can't wait to get back to Wildstar. Oh and thanks for not zooming out like crazy. So many people do that (especially in WOW) and their videos are just unwatchable (to me at least).

PacMaze Animations says:

Super good video 😛 i can you please do more of wild star 🙂 thank you :P

Joe Mccall says:

Wocky are you going to do the weekly news ever again? I really liked them, but if you don't have time then I understand.

Mini Stabber says:

Made such a refreshing change from the normal daed game! And just goes to show how wonderful the game is! Just clear your mind from all the internet haters….that's all it takes to enjoy Wildstar.

Thank you so much for taking the time to make and post this.

Ryan Mahaffey says:

Are you gonna try raiding/dungeons and do a video on those?

Jimmy Dali says:

Hey Wockster 🙂 Liking Wildstar!

Rob Wilkinson says:

Wocky your a NUB you were deliberately slowing down the fight. Nobody had said it so didnt want to loose you down there bud :)

catofnine77 says:

He's mad at you because you killed his babies! Look forward to dying in Arcterra :D

reaLGam1ng says:

sorry m8. they fixed that with arcterra. if you focus on story and zone quest, stack all exp buffs youll get to 50 in about 8-10 hours

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