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Pantheon Top Gameplay! League of legends Panth Season 9 gameplay!
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Season 9 Pantheon runes guide League of Legends
Conqueror – Triumph – Alacrity – Last Stand
Taste – Ravenous Hunter
10 AD – 10 AD – 6 Armor

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SoloRenektonOnly says:

BOOOOOOOOOOM WHAT UP! This build feels pretty legit I played it a lot on stream today. Not sure exactly when its better than lethality but this felt really strong.
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1brocksamson says:

i am tilted from watching this jg and midlaner

Menrath Anton says:

Do you know what grinds my gears? Putting a skin in the thumbnail and NOT USING THAT SKIN…

Rufo Gallardo says:

Why are all this vid in a low elo

Jeremy Mountain says:

gragas gank at the start almost made me rage quit

Lanna says:

The sounds of your keyboard is so good. I love itttttt

new folder says:

2teemos furthur XD

Andrej Villania says:

Came to see what the title suggested

But all I needed was that Gragas play at the very beginning lmao

The Wandering Shadow says:

That draven was a cocky bastard. Anyone that gives supp that much shit is no good in my book.

Alberto Pareja García says:

That gragas was actually drunk lmao

Mohamad Najemeddine says:

Loser with panth go play tetris dude

Hongyi Zhu says:

this drave is a dick but an honest dick

I Main Pantheon says:

Its been so long…

Ryan Alex says:

Keegun's build and runes huh.. you trash

Victor Davila says:

You don't fool me that wey of saying bigboy means you have seen magicarpusedfly

SAG 300 says:

That Gragas had me dying holy shit

ZePtrex GD says:

23:06 me when my mom is going to use my computer after i came from school

Ka kiu Cheung says:

You could end it at 28min

Duhaceman1 says:

unsubbing, Mike is a little bitch. Watched him go afk like 3 games in a row and make his moderators start banning people en masse. If you are going to tilt, take a break, don't punish everyone like a child.

Joey Chew says:

4:04 you got stunned by riven

Max Jacobson says:

your e doesnt do that much damage lmao stop using it while hes running

Joey Xhofleer says:

This Gragas is a legend

pantheon ruut says:

can i see full build somewhere ?

Elandrian says:

LMAO of the day 23:26

addelblast says:

23:06 When my friend is trying to get the last slice of pizza out of the table.

Elandrian says:

9:31 so the entire LoL community except the like 5% Riven mains

Yalçın Yılmaz says:

Make a statik pant

AnAverageBox says:

LOL 23:06


brian hansen says:

Did you forget how to play for 14 minutes? Eesh
Edit: 16
Edit: 20 (+2 for actual game play)

TenNoOkami says:

they're gonna nerf irelia again? oh brother… starts practicing some more Katarina
in other note 23:01 that was pretty satisfying XD

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