YES! The Action MMORPG RaiderZ Is Re-Launching! 。◕‿◕。

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● When RaiderZ was shut down by Perfect World Entertainment in 2015, people were devastated.
Unfortunately – or, fortunately, maybe – at the time, I didn’t have the MMOByte channel and therefore never had the opportunity to experience the game under Perfect World Entertainment’s publishing.
Therefore I’m unable to weigh in as to what the servers were like population-wise towards the end of the games life, however there have been private servers that have risen up in the wake of its untimely demise.
One of which I have played on, and even mentioned in a top 10 video last week: WildRaiderZ.

WildRaiderZ has done a great job at maintaining a dead MMORPG, providing a home for everyone that enjoyed the game to take refuge and find solace knowing that even though a private server – they had their game.

Now, the information I want to share with everyone today, is that RaiderZ is being revived. In a Facebook post taken directly from the official RaiderZ Facebook, you can read:

“[RaiderZ has came back!]
Masangsoft have been looking at the MMORPG ‘RaiderZ’ for a long time that we’ve taken over from MAIET Entertainment, Inc. We’ve been carefully exploring the potential of the game, considering the finances and human resources we have in our company.
And the most important thing is that it was the users’ passion that brought RaiderZ back. We were impressed by the fact that this game provided a great deal of experience for many people.
It’s true that RaiderZ is an old game that isn’t sophisticated enough to satisfy the gaming industry’s trends, technology and users’ point of view. However, the interest and affection of users is invaluable and important motivation for developing the game.
We know that many people are curious about this game. We really want to release the RaiderZ right now, but there are many things we haven’t looked yet, and there are many things that we need to fix.
We can’t say how much more time we need to reinvent this game. What’s certain is that we’ll try to provide better and better experiences for many people who look forward to this game. Sooner or later, you’ll hear another news about the beginning of our development.
Thank you very much.”

What this means is that a new team is working on the core RaiderZ game.
It means that there will be a re-launch of the RaiderZ MMORPG in the future, although the time they plan on taking to get this done is undisclosed – as is the official release date of the re-launch, but, nevertheless, we’re getting RaiderZ back!

What are your guys’ thoughts on this? Are you excited that there will be an officially recognized, an officially launched RaiderZ game? Or are you impartial – not caring for the game at all?
Let me know what you think, as I’m definitely interested!

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Kahnir says:

Is there now a date when it will be released /playable? or is it already (pls link for english)?

Tom Hambling says:

gold sellers ruined the 1st raiderz, wildz just people started to notice not much dev support, the wildz had different specs and stats and from memory (5 + years ago) the devs would change weapon specs and difficultly levels often, raising or lowing chances of items etc, you would also find the odd cheater, but they were for the most part delt with swiftly, farming bots always going ot be around in a marketplace style game

Diarmuid GM says:

We have this private server where we kept updating the game and making new gears / maps. Just in case wanna try it out:

Alexis Konig says:

OH YES! When???



MantisNectar says:

Will Raiderz come out with Slightly better Graphics and Better Starting town? (Ingen is just… really flat)

tasu gi says:

for real? omg this is the one of my favorite game

Game Watcher says:

the game was good but the community suck.

iamLza says:

I have a problem with myself, i hope i can play this game again before I die

Tcheco Lee says:

Yea but they have to fix the classes.
The magic classes have 2 bars one is MP used to skills and another is stamina used to dodge.
Malee classes uses stamina for both skills and dodge.
That make the pvp very broken (not that i like pvp).

Jevan Stutzman says:

Not sure how I am just now hearing about this, but I am so hyped. This game is what started my bloodlust for any game that had an action combat system like RaiderZ. Tera is the closest thing I can find but it's really just not as good. Black Desert was a welcome fast paced combat but nothing is quite like RaiderZ and GOD DAMN AM I EXCITED

Emma Heart says:

we are coming back , bois  ! BackerZ !

phil retter says:

It was the best Action-MMORPG out there, and it still is.

Yormic says:

OMG hell yea. This is one of my favorite games of all time! So happy it is relaunching!

lunerlilly says:

OMG ITS COMING BACK!? I would be willing to rebuy the package I got from beta (with the black horse) if this game was given to a publisher who cares. I LOVED this game. I would have never quit if PWE / PWI hadn't have ruined it and shut it down…I loved this game with a passion. No one really hated this game…we hated what the publisher did with it.

Crys says:


lagababoom hahaha says:

is this PAY TO PLAY? OR FREE TO PLAY ? need answer please ASAP :/

Xitaychin says:

Oh my god this is the best game i've ever played, really want the rebirth of this beautiful, interesting, unusual world with exciting combat system and the friendliest community ever!!! I knew that RaiderZ can't die, the potential is too big!

HUGE ENEMY Video Game says:

I know you are going to hate me to saying that but sorry i can't shut my mouth because : I WAS A FAN OF THIS GAME
—- BUT —- i remember they organize during 2 weeks SUPER SOLD without saying they are going to close and rip literally 100 of thousand of euros of the player base and they close almost immediately after that.

I REMEMBER i was shocked and i remember the message after that :
"USA server stay open and you can come play with us but your char will not be saved and you will need to re create a new one"
Apparently taking player for assholes has no limit with Perfect World Entertainment.

TO BE CLEAR this is what they have in mind : They can PAY AGAIN because they do not know full player base are just data and can be "copy past".
It is nothing for us but it is not at our advantage. Then, super sold, close , re open, re create, re take money.

1 time is enough for me. No thx.

Mateo Ilic says:

Yes mutherfckerssss low eda pvp will be back hahahaha

Sindor O says:

YESSSSSSSSSSS found steam page here spread the word of the relaunch!

Cocke says:

Isnt this geme super dead and almost none players ?

Sekahh says:


Will Wong says:

OMG yes pls! I would definitely play it!
looking forward to it

L says:

when is the relaunch?, I love that game more than any game I have played. I hope this game can become better and better

extasist says:

the only game that made best combat in mmo, still didn't find any other game that could top it.

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